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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? Really think about what you are going to wear. What you wear really makes or breaks the picture in my opinion. Textures, layers, different patterns, different colors all look great. Nothing neon or bright colored. Nothing matchy-matchy. Everyone doesn’t need to wear the same color. Find unique pieces. Become a model for the day and really take pride into what you are going to look like. Believe me, it makes a world of difference! I would concentrate on one outfit specifically. For me, I always find a piece I love for myself then bring in together all the other family members with it. Have the clothes fit perfectly, nothing too big, nothing too small. Dress comfortable so you do not look awkward. Come in feeling absolutely confident and you will rock the session! When you feel like you look good, it shows.

Where do your sessions take place? I have several locations I use around the Carterville area. I am also open to using a location of your choice. We have open fields, parks, downtown areas if you want a more urban look, trails, etc. I let the client choose what type of look they are wanting and we go from there.

How long does it take to get my images? It can take 2-3 weeks. During the busy Fall session it could take up to 4 weeks.

How do I get my images? Images will be sent through an online download website, Shootproof.

Where do you recommend printing the images?

Why do you only shoot at sunset? Easy answer: Lighting. Lighting is hands down is the best at sunset. .

Do you travel? Yes. I will travel. A travel fee does apply to anything greater than 30 miles outside of Carterville at .50 cents per mile.

What happens if the weather is bad? We can both make the decision together. I know if it were me, if it’s groggy outside, I wouldn’t like my family pictures to be taken then. So I would want to re-schedule. But if you are okay with the the cloudiness, gloomy look then I’ll go for it. The wind…that is a tough call. If it’s super windy, I would probably say re-schedule. Again, I know I would not want my hair blowing crazy in my face from the wind for family pictures. There is no fee to cancel due to the weather and re-schedule.

What if my child is sick? This is a tough one because I have been burned so many times due to cancellations last minute. If your child is sick, I would notify me ASAP to determine if we should move forward with the session.

Will you re-open your studio and ever do newborns again? Most likely, no. My passion is family and child photography.

Do you still shoot large family sessions? No. I have decided to limit it to immediate family only going forward. Again, because family and children photography is my passion.

*If you are not looking for my style kind of photography, but looking for a great photographer in the area please still feel free to contact me and I can send you my recommendations for wonderful newborn, engagement, or studio photographers. We live in an area with many amazingly, talented photographers who are awesome at sessions that I do not offer.*

If you have any further questions, please email me at: